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November 21/2011 Lecture 17 – Development of Muslim Law 1. Quran – basic first/original scripture 2. Sunnah 3. Hadith – accounts of the prophets? -An aim to distinguish which accounts of Muhammad are truth/authoritative vs. falsehood -it is the job of scholars studying 2-300 years after the life of Muhammad to collect all stories/accounts and decide which are truth -two of these collections become authoritative, major source for the development of Muslim law Orthodoxy/orthopraxy: right practice, right belief, etc. -Orthodoxy: IMAN -Orthopraxt: DIN Iman: belief system of Islam - Oneness of God - belief in heavenly spirit, surrounded by figures such as angels and prophets and such who convey God’s message and principles to humanity - belief in a judgment day, righteous will see heaven, unrighteous will suffer, etc. - humanity has free will, even within the context of God’s plan; freedom to make moral choices and therefore bears moral responsibility for its actions Din: Muslim practices -
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