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Unformatted text preview: RLG 100Y1 – September 19, 2011 Early definitions of religion came from Christianity. They measure all the other religions towards Christianity. They started with an analysis, the primitive forms of religion and various theorists articulated what was most intellectual and sophisticated form of religion was Christianity. *Darwin’s Theory => Rational and Scientific aspect of religion, theory of evolution. Competing theories about the origin of the world => Intellectual questioning of number of approaches to the idea of religion => theorists started to bring different explanation of religion, as an evolutionary process. (19 th century) More intellectuals => Much softer commitment to the idea of God (atheists) Discipline of anthropology started to develop on early 19 th century: 1. Edward Tylor: Pioneer of Anthropologists (British) = > The common nominator among cultures was belief in spirits. (Animism) the idea behind Animism is that => believe is spirit and soul, a simple and essential feature in any religion for early human beings. i.e. Observing a life and death of an animal or essential feature in any religion for early human beings....
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