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Unformatted text preview: RLG 100Y1 - September 28, 2011 JUDAISM History: 1. Monotheism: Judaism wants to distinguish itself, worshiping only one God. The idea was that this particular group dedicated themselves to worship of only one God. Later on, this position evolved in saying that there is no other God and figures to recognize and the others are only the pretenders and force understanding of other Gods. 2. Insistence that God was beyond gender, beyond the human conception: God doesn’t need any gender to act. 3. God as Moral being: God’s activities are just concerns for welfare and universe. 4. God’s relationship with nature: Creator and Createe. God creates nature that has sudden rhythm. God is transcendent from the nature. HEBREW BIBLE: Hebrew Bible is not the words of a single author; it is full of stories and narrations by different authors Appropriate term is Hebrew Bible not the Old Testament. Also known as TORAH. Containing major Moral concepts, yearly calendar and ritual events and practices, songs and the best record of Jewish history atleast...
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