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October 28, 2011 Tutorial 3 – The Gospel of Mark Wrote for different kind of audience. It is the shortest of the gospel narratives. He wasn’t the eyewitness himself and this gospel. The earliest piece of external, direct evidence comes to us from Papias, bishop of Hierapolis, who quotes someone he identifies as "the elder" (ho presbuteros ), probably John the elder, an authoritative figure among the churches in the province of Asia. The audience was not Palestinians. The writer was a Latin speaker or at least was familiar with Latin. And third the writer was not a Jewish person and he was not writing it for Jewish people. He was writing to the audience of Rome. Functionality of this class: Primary motives of setting Jesus as a Messiah. (Son of God - Chosen Human Being) Date of the Gospel of Mark: A decade after the fall of Jerusalem. THEOS ANER => God Man. Example: Hercules, Alexander The Great, Augustus Cesar. Why it was written: To Jewish people who were not aware of the Messiah and Apocalypse at that time.
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Unformatted text preview: Social Setting of the text: Most of the Audience were not able to read and write and needed someone to read for them. (The art of verbal persuasion) It was very common at the ancient world to memorize things, so they did. Everything was Greek. Greek language was the main language of the Roman Empire; it extended to Afghanistan as well. Greek culture and Greek language was very important to the educated class of the time. Elite status of the text: First written on Papyrus and then generated in bended leather folded documentation. It would be very uncommon for a woman to gather this Gospel, so it was probably a he. Mark was the first Gospel written in its own style. (Different audience, different agenda), (Messiah and Apocalypse). There are not enough historical evidences to prove that Jesus of Nazareth existed....
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