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RLG100Y1 Hinduism Various Dates Lecture # 30 – February 27 th , 2012 Hinduism Dates back to the Vedic traditions – Vedic traditions were sacrificial cultures If you ask an ordinary Hindu “What is the sacred scripture of the Hindu tradition?” – the Vedas o A vast number of Hindus are unable to tell what’s contained within the Vedas Hinduism traces its history through a set of texts known as the Vedas – composed by the Aryas (literally means a noble person) o Huge corpus of material o Composed 1500 years ago Vedas The Vedas are generally divided into 4 basic groups: o Mantras/ Samhitas: oldest layer (1500 BCE); contains a lot of poetry o Brahmanas: ritual commentary on the original poetry material – take the Vedic hymns (Mantras) and apply them to a ritual context (1200 BCE) o Aranyakas: literally means ‘having to do with the wilderness’; texts which are composed in the setting of the forest – texts that are more philosophically
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