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H ISTORY O RIGINS T HE S RAMANA M OVEMENT Emerges in the 6 th century BCE -- the Sramana Movement A movement of homeless wandering -- sought answers Emerges as a critique of Vedic religion -- people felt disenchanted with the sacriFcial/ritual orientation of mainstream religion The basis of Indic traditions Emerges in this culture of homeless wandering (the Sramana Movement) -- concerns of the people wandering into the forests were similar Interested in questions of individuality T HE T IRTHANKARAS Jainism structures itself around the experiences of 24 teachers, who emerged at different phases in history -- they appear to inspire thought, provide guidance and enlightenment to those who have an attitude for it DO NOT ±ORGET: Jain’s understand time as moving in a wave-like pattern, beginning with evolution and ending with degeneration -- before you reach degeneration, a teacher appears so that we don’t hit bottom without resources to go back up again (evolution), helping to carry us to the next phase • The teachers are known as tirthankaras -- literally means “bridge-builder,” referring to the bridge between samsara and moksa They give you the guidance needed to enter moksa from samsara • The teachers are also known as jinas -- literally meaning “victor,” referring to the fact that this person is victorious over the difFculties of samsaric life MAHAVIRA • The most recent one is known as Vardhaman Kasyapa, or Mahavira (meaning “the great hero”) Was an elder contemporary of the Buddha Considered to be the “founder” of the Jain tradition Lived between 599-527 BCE Little is known about him, historically All the information about him comes from his hagiography -- a religious biography When he was a fetus, he was so concerned about causing his mother
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