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Lecture 33 - Hinduism Continued - February 29

Lecture 33 - Hinduism Continued - February 29 - Lecture 33...

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February 29, 2012. Lecture 33 – Hinduism Continued Hindu idea of self- we are more than what we appear to be Our physicality, mentality, looking past that to the internal safe that doesn’t change The Hindu contention is that what we are- ATMAN- the individual self Represents the philosophical foundation of Hinduism The next point of concern is identifying the self, or mapping out the relationship between myself and yourself How to be engaged with each other- the relationship between people and others, people and the universe At heart, we are this internal self, unchanging What is inside me? Myself, my atman is not different from what is inside any other person or element in the universe There is no essential difference between one being and another being What binds us together, what is common among us, is more essential than what separates us The unity between us is more primary than the multiplicity This is expressed by the idea that my atman (essential self) is no different than yours Same self that has in you, is the self that is the heart of the universe Made of same stuff as the forests, animals, etc. The idea that there is a universal safe, is at the basis at the diversity of the universe It binds us all together, and this is called the Brahman They share the same essence, but look different We look different, but these differences are superficial rather than meaningful The highest levels of knowledge, is that someone is not different than another, shares a connection with every other life form and aspect of the universe
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This is the absolute foundation of Hinduism
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