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Lecture 34 - More Hindusim - March 5

Lecture 34 - More Hindusim - March 5 - Nirguna Brahman...

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March 5, 2012. Lecture 34 – More Hinduism Prvtti is a larger orientation- pursuing moksha in a radical and concentrated way- engagement with the world Nvrtti is leaving the world- orientation that focuses on moksha and freedom from the world Knowledge- Jnana- direct experiential knowledge That is achieved through mystical experience Cant be given, has to be personally experienced The true me vs what appears to be me How is true reality so different from what we think it is NIskama- karma Dharma Do not have to be a theist to be a Hindu
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Unformatted text preview: Nirguna Brahman- qualities beyond our characteristics • Language by its nature creates divisions • “I”, “you” • A lot of people are more comfortable with language • People with different personalities will understand the world differently • Daguna Brahman • Some parts of Brahman are more powerful and greater than others • The difference between Nirguna and Daguna- is Nirguna doesn’t need the imagery of brain and cells etc, to understand entirety, others not so comfortable with this • = GOD (Nirguna Brahman)...
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