Lecture February 1, 2012

Lecture February 1, 2012 - Lecture - February 1, 2012 Three...

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Lecture - February 1, 2012 Three jewels of Buddhism are: 1. Buddha 2. Dhernea (The body of Buddhist teaching and scriptures) 3. Sangha (Different cultural areas of Buddhism) * Three Baskets ( TRIPITAKA or PALI CANON): Collections of Buddhist scriptures. Generally studied as three components: 1. SUTRA PITAKA (Contains the teachings of the Buddha) 2. VINAYA PITAKA (Refers to the discipline and rules of the monks and nuns community and their narrative and how these rules have been created) 3. ABHIDHARMA (Philosophical elaboration on basic points and Buddha has been concerned about, for example rationalization and logically speaking of concepts and thoughts of Buddha) Canon (set of authoritative if Buddhist teachings) Why baskets? Ancient Indian society was based on readings and scriptures, mainly on sheets of paper, hence the image of basket eventually. What we should visualize is the treat in which string pearls and bids of information. In other words jewels of wisdom was string in this style, which was easy to memorize, ancient Indian style education. It was first gathered together in first Century B.C.E. in the language of PALI in SRI LANKA. Early Buddhist community (after the death of the Buddha): Community had to figure out how they will go forward after this and ensure their survivor and further developments. Right after the death of Buddha all the older teachers gather together and recited all the rules
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Lecture February 1, 2012 - Lecture - February 1, 2012 Three...

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