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Unformatted text preview: Ramaswamy, Krishna From: Sent: To: Subject: Importance: Ramaswamy, Krishna Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:48 PM Ramaswamy, Krishna RE: Final Exam for MBAs High Dear MBA Contingent in FNCE 717: Here is my response to an email I received last night: if my response isn't clear then I will throw myself in front of the SEPTA trolley cars! Prof. Ramaswamy, I am taking your derivatives class, but I am not sure I quite understood the policy for the last exam. How does that work for MBAs? Can I decide if I am going to take the exam?[KR>] I will send you an email late tonight w your offered grade What are the implications?[KR>] You can accept that negotiationproof grade and skip the exam, you must let me know by noon Monday 3 May if you do OR if you do not accept. If you want to improve that grade you must come to the final. Either way, you must let me know. How will my grade be impacted?[KR>] It may improve if your relative standing to the class prior to the final is bettered by your performance relative to the exam takers both UG and MBA: PLEASE understand that I said "may improve" and that means it cannot go lower. It can only go lower if you indicate you will skip the exam and then show up, or if you don't show up and you indicated you'd like to skip it! take Thank you for your attention. 1 ...
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