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Weighty Matters 26 Feb

Weighty Matters 26 Feb - them – it may be to place them...

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1 Ramaswamy, Krishna From: Ramaswamy, Krishna Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 4:31 PM To: '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]'; '[email protected]' Subject: FIN DERIVS!! Weighty Matters Attachments: Part_A_Description.pdf Importance: High Dear All: 1. I attach a pdf copy of the project’s PART A requirements… I’ll also load it in the PROJECT folder of the web café, which now contains some data files associated with the Project. Please call, come by , or e mail me with questions! 2. Here’s our Office Hours next week… we’ll skip holding the hours next Friday. 3. I understand that the UGs do not have mailfolders in JMHH. So I’ll find another way of returning the exams to
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Unformatted text preview: them – it may be to place them in the folders in SHDH’s course ‐ designated steel filing cabinets opposite the TA cubicles. This will likely not happen until Tue evening or Wed morning. Have a good weekend, \kr Krishna Ramaswamy || Professor of Finance || The Wharton School || Phila., PA 19104 || Tel 215 898 6206 || Fax 215 573 8084 Monday Mar 12 to 1:20pm Darshak Shah 2400 SHDH Cubicle Tuesday Mar 2 11am to 12 noon Krishna 3259 SHDH Tuesday Mar 2 3 to 4:20pm Ashwin Pandith 2400 SHDH Cubicle Wednesday Mar 3 12 to 1:20pm Artem Mariychin 2400 SHDH Cubicle Thursday Feb 4 12 to 1:20pm Darshak Shah 2400 SHDH Cubicle Spring Break Grapefruit League Steinbrenner Stadium...
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