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Weighty MAtters Post Midterm 2

Weighty MAtters Post Midterm 2 - Ramaswamy Krishna From...

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Unformatted text preview: Ramaswamy, Krishna From: Sent: To: Subject: Importance: FINANCIAL DERIVATIVES [[email protected]] on behalf of Ramaswamy, Krishna [[email protected]] Wednesday, April 14, 2010 4:10 PM [email protected] Fin Derivs!!! Weighty Matters High Dear All: 1. Your second midterms are graded and available in SHDH 2400's cabinet folders. 2. The stats on the exam performance are given below. As you can see, many of you did very well, and on the whole, the performance was much improved from the first midterm. (The histogram records two zero scores ... but they are for students who were unable to take the exam; the stats exclude them). 3. The solution key is now also posted. 4. All regrade requests must be with me by 5pm Monday, with a sheet attached indicating why you're asking for a regrade. Please remember that we are unable to provide detailed comments and point breakdowns across all the exams, so look at the Key before submitting a request. 5. The project is due next week... and the final exam is on Friday 7 May 2010, at 6pm, closed book, closed notes and cumulative. 6. For the MBAs: you will receive an email from me after your projects are graded approx 29 April, based on which you can decide whether to take the final or not. I do not offer this option to the undergrads or non Whartonites... sorry. (But there are prizes for the best performance on the final!!!) Best \kr Krishna Ramaswamy || Professor of Finance || The Wharton School || Phila., PA 19104 || Tel 215 898 6206 || Fax 215 573 8084 Mean Median Mode SD 54.09524 55 62 9.495816 1 Max Min 71 26 2 ...
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