Psychology 110 Notes 3

Psychology 110 Notes 3 - PhilosophyofPsychologicalScience

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Philosophy of Psychological Science How should we think about Psyc? 17:47 Writing Assignment due October 6 Find an interesting article in the popular press (Cnn, magazine, newspaper) that focuses  on a topic in Psychology This article must refer to a journal article in the scientific literature. Read both and thoughtfully compare and contrast. Read assignment carefully. Details on Learnlink. Searching the scientific literature How do you tell the difference between something that’s believable and something that’s  not. See if author has background or if they’re an expert. Reputation of website References Scientific literature uses peer reviews to enhance reliability Replication is the best test of reliability. Many different scientific data bases available through Emory. APA Style Exam: Multiple choice and short answer Book, lectures, radio program, supplementary articles No questions during exam
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Psychology 110 Notes 3 - PhilosophyofPsychologicalScience

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