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TA_office_hours_fall10 - 2 nd floor Steinberg Hall Dietrich...

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1 FNCE 235/725: Fixed Income Securities Fall 2010 Teaching Assistants and Office Hours Teaching Assistants The TAs for this class and their contact info: Jerry Tsai, [email protected] Abhijay Sethia, [email protected] Annibal Pellegrini, [email protected] Thien Nguyen, [email protected] Office Hours TA office hours are to be held in the TA cubicles in the Finance Department,
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Unformatted text preview: 2 nd floor Steinberg Hall Dietrich Hall, during these times: Jerry Tsai - Desk A, Monday, 10 - 11 am Abhijay Sethia - Desk B, Tuesday, 4 - 5 pm Annibal Pellegrini - Desk A, Thursday, 9 – 10 am Thien Nguyen – Desk A, Friday, 2 – 3 pm Office hours will start on Friday September 17, there will not be office hours on September 23. Office hours end on December 9....
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