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Geology Lab Exam Review Lab 1 Relative age dating is the process of determining when something formed or happened in relation to other things. Absolute age dating is the process of determining when something formed or happened in exact units of time such as days, months, or years. Law of Original Horizontality Law of Lateral Continuity Law of Superposition Law of Inclusions Law of Cross-Cutting Law of Unconformities Disconformity-unconformity between parallel strata or lava flows Angular-between two sets of strata that are not parallel to one another Nonconformity-between younger sedimentary rocks and subjacent metamorphic or igneous rocks. Figures 8.9 and 8.12 Absolute age-it’s stable and doesn’t decay Parent-original mass of atoms structure to form new crystals
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Unformatted text preview: Daughter-decays to stable form Parent and daughter are called decay pair Lab 2 • Stream drainage pattern (pictures on p.215) o Dendritic pattern o Rectangular pattern o Radial pattern o Centripetal pattern o Annular pattern o Tellis pattern o Deranged pattern • Drainage basin-the entire area of land that is drained by one stream or an entire stream Divides-the linear boundaries that separate one drainage basin from another • The stream channels deepen and erode their V-shape channels uphill through time, headward erosion • P. 215 Lab 3 • Groundwater-water in the surface zone. • Aquifers-rock strata that conduct water. • Karst Topography-dissolution (dissolving) of limestone o Limestone o Slightly acid rain water • Figure 12.1 •...
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