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Flyball governor

Flyball governor -...

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Flyball governor Flyball governors may be used to control the speed of engines via linkages connected to a valve such as shown in Figure 1. In the case of a steam engine, a relatively small change in rotational speed can result in significant change in the amount of steam flowing to the engine. The amount of steam will vary in rough proportion to the rotational speed. The speed of the engine can be kept nearly constant under a wide range of loads. There will be relatively small drop in rotational speed with increasing load, however. This drop in speed is referred to as “droop” and so governors of this type are often called “droop governors.” Figure 1 (from http://www.uefap.com/writing/function/chart.htm ) A typical example is shown in this video:
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqqc6gfVrtU&feature=related The dynamics of one type of flyball governor can be analyzed by reference to Figure 2 Using FBD on W, in z (vertical) direction (where down is +) under steady speed: (1) From a FBD on w, in z direction: (2) From FBD on w, in the n direction (in is +): (3) There are three equations in 3 unknowns. By eliminating T 1 and T 2 one can derive: (4) This can be solved for given weights, lengths and rotational speed by trial and error, guessing α. This can also be done in Excel by rearranging Equation (4) to get Equation (5), which must be close to zero. Excel’s Solver can make this easy. < Flyball governor.xlsx > (5)...
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Flyball governor -...

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