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Alex Koma 11/16/10 Brandi Quesenberry Communication Skills 1015 Living the Kingsolver Life, Without Relocating While Barbara Kingsolver may have a worthwhile message in her work Animal, Vegetable, Miracle , there are parts of her argument that are flat out wrong. Her aim of encouraging people to get in touch with the source of their food is an admirable one, but the assumption she makes that all people that live in urban areas can no longer develop a connection with the food that they eat is far too generalizing. Kingsolver goes so far as to claim that, in regards to knowing what animals and vegetables thrive in a person’s area and how to care for them “few people of my generation, and approximately none of our children, could answer any of those questions, let alone all. This knowledge has vanished from our culture.” However, what she fails to grasp is that there are other people that have not forgotten these ways, even without living on a farm. In fact, the various activities my family engaged in, and encouraged me to take part in, helped our family to maintain a close connection with the food that we ate, even as we lived in a bustling suburb of our nation’s capital. For those that wish to live according to Kingsolver’s principles, while not moving to the middle of nowhere, these methods may provide a helpful guide to live the Kingsolver life, without relocating their family. One important part of my upbringing was my early and frequent involvement with
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avmessay - Alex Koma 11/16/10 Brandi Quesenberry...

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