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MEMORANDUM TO: Ms. Brandi Quesenberry FROM: Alex Koma DATE: December 9, 2010 SUBJECT: Evaluation of Football Lottery Group Discussion This group discussion assignment was unlike any other presentation that I’ve ever done, and I learned a lot from completing it. Although there were some rocky moments along the way, the process went pretty smoothly overall, and I was pleased with both the group’s performance. We were all very well prepared for the assignment, and while we had some issues moving from one step of the discussion to the other, we communicated our ideas clearly and came to a reasonable solution. I was very satisfied with my individual performance on this project. I researched articles regarding the football lottery from the Collegiate Times, and I was really happy with the quality of the information that I found and how I was able to incorporate it into the discussion. Information regarding how tickets used to be handed out and plans to improve the basketball lottery seemed particularly helpful. My role in the group was to be the
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