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Mercedes Villegas Business Communications Chapter 5 16. b 17. a 18. b 19. b 20. A seminar entitled “Severance & Separation Benefits” is being conducted February 11and may be attended by Terence Curran, Cindy Thompson, and Darlene McClure. 21. Buying Power Card holders are eligible for many discounts. 22. numbers Producing excellent digital prints can be done using the following steps: 1. Use Pantone Spyder to calibrate the screen 2. Edit photo 3. Select the correct paper 23. bullets Three tips to follow when writing information for a Web site:
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Unformatted text preview: Make formatting simple Use strong visual prompts Limit directions 24. bullets The National Crime Prevention Council provided tips for improving workplace safety and preventing crime at work. They are as follows: Change locks before you move into a new office Report broken doors , locks, and windows immediately Leave interior lights on even when closed Install lighting in dark areas around the building Trim shrubs around the building...
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