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Brushing Up Pronoun Skills Drill for Students

Brushing Up Pronoun Skills Drill for Students -...

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Subjective (Nominative) Case I, we, he, she, it, they, you Use these pronouns as subjects of verb or as subject complements. Objective Case me, us, him, her, it, them, you Use these pronouns as objects of verb or objects of preposition. Possessive Case my, mine, her, hers, his, it, its, their, theirs, your, yours Use these pronouns to show possession. Note: No apostrophes! Three Frequent Pronoun Problems 1. Compound subjects My buddy and I [not me ] went shopping. [Ignore "my buddy and"; focus on subject of verb.] 2. Compound objects Send the note to him or me [not I ]. [Ignore "him or"; focus on object of preposition. 3. Confused possessive pronouns The bill and its [not it's ] amendments are on file. [Don't confuse the contraction it is with the possessive pronoun its.] Ours [not Our's ] is the only team making a presentation. [Possessive pronouns have no apostrophes.] Underline any pronoun errors in the following. Write a correct form above. If the sentence is correct, write C.
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