Intro to Bus - Chapter 8 1. The American economy is now...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 1. The American economy is now characterized as a(n) ____ economy. service 100% 2. The type of utility on which operations management focuses is ____ utility. form 100% 3. Billy is in charge of obtaining the flour, sugar, and other ingredients needed for her employer, Baker's Caf. Billy is in charge of _____. purchasing 100% 4. When considering the nature of the conversion, the resources that comprise the major input are called the focus of the conversion process. 100% 5. A doctor's office allows thirty minutes for each appointment. After taking a one-hour lunch break, the doctor's office has a(n) ____ of sixteen patients a day if it is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. capacity 100% 6. The quantity that customers will purchase at the going price is called the _____. market demand 100% 7. Steinway, a company that produces concert quality grand pianos, has ivory in storage waiting to be made into piano keys. This ivory is classified as _____. raw-materials inventory 100% 8. Ford produces a wide variety of vehicles for individuals, businesses, manufacturers, and even schools. It also operates its own financing division, Ford Motor Acceptance Corp. It seems as if Ford has many production processes. 100% 9. A situation in which machines and equipment do most of the work is known as _____. a capital-intensive technology 100% 10. Robotics is the use of programmable machines to perform a variety of tasks by manipulating materials and tools. 100% Chapter 9 1. The Equal Pay Act applies directly to equal pay for equal work. 100% 2. All of the following are usually paid an hourly wage except workers in _____. management 100% 3. Martin Enterprises wants to ensure that it thoroughly understands all of its jobs so that it can determine the qualifications each job demands. To do so, Martin Enterprises would first conduct job analysis. 100% 4. McCloud Company wants to avoid being unable to compare candidates' qualifications after an interview because the applicants were asked different questions. Giving what type of interview might eliminate this problem? structured 100% 5. Job evaluation is almost always the basis for developing a _____. wage structure 100% 6. The three types of performance feedback interviews are tell-and-listen, tell-and- sell, and _____. problem-solving 100% 7. An indirect reward given in addition to an employee's regular pay is known as 8. Sally wants to impress prospective employers with a summary of her background and qualifications for a management position. Her father, who is a businessperson, suggested sending a(n) _____. rsum 100% 9. A type of compensation that is some percentage of sales revenue is _____. a commission 100% 10. Bob White was assigned to a senior employee responsible for instructing new computer programmers. Because of this senior employee's instruction, White gained hands-on experience under normal working conditions. Bob experienced ____ training....
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Intro to Bus - Chapter 8 1. The American economy is now...

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