1103K Study Guide II- Part 1 - 4) Please explain what...

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Exam II Study Guide Part I-Mitosis and Meiosis Terms Allele Anaphase Asexual reproduction Autosome Binary fission Cell cycle Cell division Cell plate Centriole Centromere Checkpoint Chiasma (plural, chiasmata) Chromosome Clone Cloning Crossing over Cytokinesis Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Differentiate Diploid Duplicated Chromosome Gamete Gene Haploid Homologous chromosome Interphase Karyotype Kinetochore Locus (loci) Meiosis Meiotic cell division Mutation Prophase Recombination Sex chromosome Sexual reproduction Spindle microtubule Stem cell Telomere Telophase 1) What is the purpose of Mitosis? What are the steps of Mitosis? What occurs at each step?
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2) Ants have two pairs of chromosomes. Please draw and diagram DNA replication and cellular division in a regular ant cell. Please draw the mitotic process of these chromosomes and ant cells. 3) What is the function of the telomeres?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Please explain what occurs during sickle cell disease on a chromosomal level. 5) Please explain the cell cycle G1, G2 and S. What processes are occurring in the cell during these processes? 6) A skin cells lifecycle last 24 hours. It is in mitotic division for 2 of those 24 hours. Can you explain what occurs during the other 22 hours? 7) What is the purpose of meiosis ? What type of cells goes thru meiosis? Please list and diagram the steps of meiotic cell division. 8) Draw specifically an ant cell thru meiotic division? Remember they have 2 pairs of chromosomes 9) Please explain how a hormone, growth factor, can trigger a cell to go into its next cell cycle. i.e.-explain the signaling pathway of cyclin and cyclin dependent kinase...
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1103K Study Guide II- Part 1 - 4) Please explain what...

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