1103K-Study Guide Exam III-Part I

1103K-Study Guide Exam III-Part I - Exam III Study Guide...

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Exam III Study Guide. Due Day of Test which is Nov 1 you can earn up to 5 points towards Exam III. The assignment must be hand written in order to receive points. Chapter 15 Terms Define Allele frequency Equilibrium Population Evolution Founder’s Effect Gene Flow Gene pool Genetic Drift Hardy-Weinberg principle Mutation Natural selection Population Population bottleneck Species Questions 1) What is the probability of a mutation occurring in a human gene? 2) If mutations are so rare than why is bacterial resistance so prominent? 3) In the example of black coat and brown coat mice (page 291 and also in your slides) Please answer the following questions: a) What is the size of the allele pool and what are the different single alleles within that pool? b) If you randomly choose two homozygous recessive mice to mate please indicate the generation 3 big B and b allele frequency? c) What is the phenotypic frequency of brown and black coat mice in Generation 2?
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d) If in that same example two heterozygous mice mate what is the genotypic allele frequency of BB, Bb and bb in the generation 3 of mice if the population remains 20 mice and you have two heterozygous mice crossing in the G2 generation as well? 4) Please explain the Harvey Weinberg principle. Please explain the 5 things that must occur for Harvey Weinberg equilibrium to occur? 5) Please explain the difference between gene flow and genetic drift? 6) In the 1940’s the whooping crane population had been reduced to fewer than 50 individuals. Thanks to conservation measures, its numbers are now increasing.
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1103K-Study Guide Exam III-Part I - Exam III Study Guide...

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