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Important facts - Hidden Curriculum is the nonacademic...

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Important facts Key Terms *Rahmatullah Hashemi was a Muslim male who attended Yale University. He was also a Taliban member who students didn’t find beneficial to their learning environment. *Education is the process through which academic, social, and cultural ideas and tools, both general and specific, and developed. *Functional illiteracy/the inability to read or write well enough plagues about 14% of the nation’s population 16 years of age and older. *Human Capital is the knowledge and skills that people obtain. Examples: going to college, taking a night class, or learning a trade. *Insufficient mathematical skills to function in society, is experienced by 22 percent of the population ages 16 and older. *In 1968 sociologist Philip Jackson coined the term hidden curriculum.
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Unformatted text preview: * Hidden Curriculum is the nonacademic socialization and training that take place in the schooling system. *Americans racked their brains over how to best assimilate the people who populated those lands( after forced relocation, small-pox inoculation, and all-out warfare failed to eradicate tribal groups altogether). *” Kill the Indian, save the child,” Americans set up boarding schools, such as the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania, which took children as young as six away from their families to teach them more “civilized” ways of life. These schools flourished for some 60 years. *Now tribally run schools on some reservations where students learn tribal languages and culture in small classes with other American Indian students. *...
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Important facts - Hidden Curriculum is the nonacademic...

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