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MIS 245 – Database Systems and Data Warehousing Class Information Prerequisite: MIS 235 (or equivalent approved by instructor) Time: Section A: TR 12:45-2:00 PM Section B: TR 2:15-3:30 PM Location: FSB 2050 Instructor Name: Dr. Douglas Havelka Office: 3119 FSB Office Hours: TR 3:35-4:30 and by appointment. Phone: 529-4836 E-Mail: douglas.havelka@muohio.edu Textbook: Database Systems: Design, Implementation, and Management , 9th edition, by Coronel, Morris, and Rob (ISBN: 978-0-538-46968-5), Student data files and other helpful resources are available at www.cengagebrain.com . Course Overview: This course is designed to provide an understanding of database systems in organizations, their design methodologies, structured query language (SQL), data warehouses, and the implementation and management of database systems. We will analyze, design, and implement database applications using database management software, e.g. Oracle or MS Access. You will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in data modeling, database design, normalization, and SQL. Learning Objectives Upon successful completion of the course, you should be able to do the following: Conceptual knowledge: o Understand and use the terminology of the database management field. o Articulate the importance of data integrity requirements to organizations. Database design: o Within a given business context, develop and document information requirements in the form of business rules. o Construct the graphical representation (ERD or class diagram) of a conceptual model. o Evaluate alternative conceptual models.
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o Translate entity-relationship diagrams into a set of tables in third normal form to be implemented using a relational DBMS. o Generate appropriate database documentation. Database implementation: o Write SQL statements to build database tables and populate them with data. o Write SQL statements to retrieve information from databases. o Use application tools to construct report layouts and convert retrieved data to reports useful for managerial decision making. o Construct forms in an application tool to allow end-users to use the applications effectively. o Demonstrate the value of the database for managerial decision making. Data Warehouses: o Describe the differences between transaction/operational data and decision support data. o Explain the importance of data warehouses and real-time access to decision support data. o Explain a simple star schema. o Write SQL statements to populate a simple data warehouse using transaction/operational data. The course involves individual assignments and a group project.
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2012S+-+MIS245+-+Syllabus - MIS 245 Database Systems and...

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