JiyuSong 3-13 InClassActivity

JiyuSong 3-13 InClassActivity - where(shippostalcode ='5020...

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1. select orderid, customerid, freight from Northwinds.orders where freight between 600 and 700 2. select orderid,customerid, shippeddate from northwinds.orders where shippostalcode = '5020' or shippostalcode='5022' order by customerid, shippeddate 3. select shippostalcode, count(orderid) from northwinds.orders where shippostalcode = '5020' or shippostalcode='5022' group by shippostalcode; 4. select orderid, customerid, employeeid, shippeddate, shipcity, shipcountry from northwinds.orders
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Unformatted text preview: where (shippostalcode = '5020' or shippostalcode='5022') and employeeid =4 order by shippeddate desc 5. select companyname, lastname,firstname, shippeddate, shipcity, shipcountry from northwinds.orders, northwinds.employees, northwinds.customers where orders.customerid=customers.customerid and orders.employeeid=employees.employeeid and (shippostalcode = '5020' or shippostalcode='5022') and orders.employeeid ='4' order by shippeddate desc...
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