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Exam2 - Exam#1 100 points total 1 For the following...

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Exam #1 100 points total 1. For the following substances, state whether they are most likely a pure substance, a heterogenous mixture, or a homogenous mixture (8 points) a) Tap water b) Beach sand c) Copper wire d) A suspiciously cheap "gold" ring sold at the University center by some guy named "Rainbow" 2. Given the following information write the complete chemical symbol (i.e. complete with appropriate superscripts) for each element or ion (8 points) Number of Neutrons Number of Electrons Number of Protons Symbol 13 12 12 19 18 17 6 2 5 35 27 29 3. Given the following chemical symbols for an atom or ion, write down the number of protons, neutrons and electrons (8 points) Chemical symbol Number of Protons Number of Neutrons Number of Electrons 18O2- 40Ca2+ 40Ar
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131I- 4. Write down the chemical formula for an ionic compound of the following combinations of metals and nonmetals (8 points) a) Sodium and Sulfur b) Calcium and Chlorine c) Aluminum and Oxygen d) Potassium and Bromine 5. Provide the names for the following chemical compounds or ions (8 points)
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