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Exam4 - Exam#1 100 points total 1 Indicate whether the...

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Exam #1 100 points total 1. Indicate whether the following are most likely a pure substance, a homogenous mixture or a heterogenous mixture (5 points) a. A packet of cool aid b. A packet of cool aid dissolved in water c. A bronze coin d. A gold bullion coin e. A chocolate chip cookie made with blue M&M’s 2. Indicate whether the following represent physical or chemical changes (5 points) a. A sugar cube dissolving in hot water b. An Alka-Seltzer tablet dissolving in water c. The heating of water to produce steam e. The burning of candle wax to produce soot f. The cooking of eggs to produce an omelet 3. In the following diagram, in which direction would the nucleus of a helium atom be deflected? (the particle is coming directly at you). (5 points)
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4. For the following elements, write down the most likely ionic form (5 points) a. Be b. S c. P d. Li e. O 5. Write the balanced chemical equation for the combustion of pentanol (C 5 H 12 O) (5 points) 6. Lithium can react with water to produce the Lithium Hydroxide and Hydrogen gas. Write
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