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Global Strategy Creation Assignment

Global Strategy Creation Assignment - for these...

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Names ____________________________________________________ Global Strategy Creation Assignment Industry / Firm _________ Developing a strategy for your firm is a key part of success in global business. Your strategy will serve as your firm’s “roadmap” throughout the simulation. Your plan should consist of 6 elements: Choice of generic strategy/strategies, business definition and rationale, source of competitive advantage, performance objectives, key success factors and strategic assumptions. Please respond to the following questions to create an overall definition of your strategy. Please address them in a maximum of two pages. Bullet points on each topic are acceptable. 1. Generic Strategy : Which (or which combination) of the three global strategies (adaptation, aggregation, arbitrage) will be the foundation for your firm’s strategy? Why? 2. Business Definition : Who do you want to serve and why? Be sure to include customers/segments to be targeted and customer needs satisfied. What is the rationale
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Unformatted text preview: for these choices (examples: segment attractiveness, market gaps, fit with resources, synergies)? 3. Source of Competitive Advantage : With which competitors will you compete and how do you intend to win against them? 4. Performance Objectives : What performance goals do you have for your firm? (examples: highest cumulative profit, highest stock price, largest market share in target markets, etc.) In other words, how will you know if your strategy is working? 5. Key Success Factors : What is required of your firm to successfully execute this strategy? (examples: product development, outspend competition, first in market, etc.) 6. Strategic Assumptions : For your strategy to be successful, are there any underlying assumptions that you have made? (examples: Firm A exits the a specific segment, able to introduce a new product by period 4, etc.)...
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