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Group Project Guidelines, Global Strategy, Win11

Group Project Guidelines, Global Strategy, Win11 - Global...

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Global Strategy Group Project Guidelines Phase I . Good global strategies are developed with a sound understanding of the when, where, and entry modes of globalization. Your group needs to do a data-driven, in-depth analysis of these questions considering Industry Globalization Potential, key globalization drivers, the choice of which country or countries to enter and the mode for entering them. In terms of choice of country to enter you may choose to analyze one or more entries of your choice. This could be any country although interesting choices may be the first foreign country entered, the most recent, or a particularly important or difficult one. The overall assessment should be summarized in a comprehensive description and evaluation of the most critical insights of this phase. The deliverable for this phase is a written document that covers the areas noted above. This analysis should be no longer than 5 single spaced pages (using 12 pt. font with 1” margins). The most successful projects use a bulleted outline format that combines their assertions about the nature of the industry with the facts and data that support that assertion. Endnotes may be included in the appendix and provide a list of sources you consulted at the end of your paper. The source list and any appendices (such as figures, charts, or competitor maps) you choose to include will not count against the five page limit. Be as detailed as you need to be. However, don’t say more than you need to. Phase II. This phase invites you to examine the global structure and strategy of the firm you have chosen. You need to identify and critique the current strategy of the business, starting (but not ending) with an overview of the basic, generic strategy they pursue and present a detailed evaluation of how well it is working. When evaluating the strategy you should carefully consider the typologies presented in the class lectures (available on blackboard). Your analysis should also include a thorough look at the balance
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