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Individual Assignment Presentations 1/2 of class will present. All must be prepared to present as the presentations will be random. Be prepared for a 5 minute Power Point presentation with both electronic and paper copies (paper copy to be handed in by ALL at beginning of class). Grades will be determined based on accuracy and depth of analysis. Quantitative data to back up conclusions will definitely increase the grade. The four assignments are as follows (1/4 of class will choose each assignment - sign up sheet is available before and after class each class period. First come first serve). o 1) Analyze the industry globalization potential for the industry of your choice. Make sure to identify the most important global drivers and any lead countries associated with
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Unformatted text preview: that industry. o 2) Analyze the distance from the U.S. to the country of your choice for the firm of your choice. You may not use Lincoln Electric or the same firm you are studying for your group project. o 3) Pick a non-global firm (one that operates in a single country and is not the firm you have analyzing for your group project) and plan an entry strategy for the country of your choice. Alternatively you may pick a firm that operates in only a few countries and plan its next expansion move. o 4) Use the Adding Value Scorecard tool presented in class to evaluate the strategy of a global firm (not CEMEX or the one you are analyzing for your group project)....
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