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Yuriy Rodin Homework Problem 2-45 1. Dana’s new competitive strategy is to enter a new market for her packaging company to make her competition less severe, because of the increased growth in her current market. Dana will use the differentiation strategy because her new market will be specifically for more high end products that require higher end packaging that she will have to produce. 2. Step 1- Product development. Activities- Dana needs to develop a product that will stand out in the new market. Outcome- To finish the product design Step 2- Purchase materials. Activities- Dana needs to acquire the products that it takes to make the packaging. Outcome- Products will be ready for use when manufacturing starts. Step 3- Production. Activities- Pulp paper is converted into cardboard; paperboard is coated with material or special features. Outcome- Packaging is ready to be filled with its food or consumer products. Step 4- Sales. Activities- Dana needs to sell the completed product to her
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Unformatted text preview: consumers. Outcome- Profit for the company. The opportunity for cost reduction is because in most cases it states that the paperboard and the pulp mills are located next to each other, resulting in a saving on transportation. Another cost reduction can be made because that packages are filled right at her plant and also do not have to travel anywhere for this to be done. 3. Customer Perspective: Delivering outstanding quality products to its customers. Increase of sales due to the new market for the product. Financial Perspective: Sales and profit exceeding previous sales and profit due to the new environment. Reduction costs in manufacturing. Internal Process Perspective: Increase of package production frequency. Development of new and unique product to the packaging market. Learning and Growth: Expanding facilities to make sure all manufacturing can be done on sight. Increasing the rate at which packages come off the assembly line....
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