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PHY212S12assign4 - PHY 212(Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet 4...

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PHY 212 (Spring 2012) PHY 212 Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet #4 Page 1 Assignment Sheet 4 Week IV: Feb. 5-11 Announcements 1. The first examination is on Tuesday, Feb. 14. You are responsible for the material described in assignments sheets 1-4 (including this assignment sheet). You may bring one handwritten sheet of notes and formulae; you should also bring a calculator. You will have the entire class session (80 minutes) to complete the examination. Lecture Topics and Text Readings: 1. Review of the potential energy concept. Application of potential energy to forces from the electric fields of capacitors and point charges (29-1, 2). 2. The concept of an electric potential (29-4), also known as “voltage”. 3. Electric potentials of parallel plate capacitors, point charges, etc. (29-5, 6, 7); contour maps of the electric potential. We will skip section 29-3 on the potential energy of an electric dipole. Mastering Physics
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