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PHY 212 (Spring 2012) PHY 212 Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet #5 Page 1 Assignment Sheet 5 Week V: Feb. 16-18 Lecture Topics and Text Readings: 1. The relationships between electric potential and electric field (30.1, 30.3). 2. Techniques for creating an electric potential difference (30.2). There is no mastering physics assignment this week. Wednesday’s recitation will be devoted toward going over Exam I. Recitation Assignment for Friday: [ 30-1(wb), 2(wb), 3(wb), 4(wb), 6 (wb), 9(wb); 30-6(pe), 8(pe), 14(pe).] Study Questions and Related Homework Problems 1. Knowing the electric field, what is the mathematical relationship that enables one to calculate the
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Unformatted text preview: electric potential? Do 30-1(wb). 2. Knowing the electric potential, what is the mathematical relationship that enables one to calculate the electric field? Why might this relationship be useful? Do 30-3(wb), 30-14(pe). 3. What implications do these relationships have for the geometry of the electric potential and the electric field? Do 30-4(wb), 6(wb), 9(wb). 4. What are some methods for creating potential differences? These methods all rely upon a common approach. What is this approach? (Hint: Think of the ‘charge escalator’). Do 2(wb), 6(pe), 8(pe)....
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