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PHY212S12assign7 - PHY 212(Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet 7...

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PHY 212 (Spring 2012) PHY 212 Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet #7 Page 1 Assignment Sheet 7 Week VII: Feb. 26- Mar. 3 Announcements 1. The second examination will be in class on Thursday March 8 th . You are responsible for the material covered in Assignments 1-8, but the emphasis of the second exam will be on Assignments 5-8. For the exam, you can bring one 8 ½”x11” handwritten sheet of notes. You should also bring your calculator. You will have the full class period (80 minutes) to complete the exam. 2. There will be a short assignment due in recitation on Wednesday March 7 th (Assignment Sheet 8, to be announced later this week). It will cover chapter sections 32.6 and 32.8 in the text, if you want to read ahead. Lecture Topics and Text Readings: 1. Components in basic circuits (32.1). 2. Kirchoff’s Laws and basic circuits (32.2). 3. Energy and Power in electrical circuits (32.3). 4. Resistors in series and ‘real’ batteries (32.4, 32.5). Mastering Physics: MP Assignment 5. Due at 9pm on Saturday March 3 rd . There are three extra credit problems relating to material in sections 32.6 and 32.8.
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