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PHY 212 Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet #9 Page 1 Assignment Sheet 9 PHY 212 Spring 2012 Week X: March 18-24 Lecture Topics and Text Readings: 1. Survey of magnetism: non-existence of magnetic charge (33.1). Origins of magnetic fields in electric currents (33.2). 2. The Law of Biot-Savart (33.3); the vector cross-product. See , an interactive webpage illustrating the vector cross-product. 3. Magnetic fields: wires, loops, and dipoles (33.4, 5) 4. Ampere’s Law; solenoids (33-6). See . (a JAVA download illustrating the magnetic fields from a wire and from current loops). Mastering Physics Assignment: MP Assignment 6. Due at 9pm on Saturday March 24 th . Recitation Assignments: [Wed: 33-1(wb), 3(wb), 4(wb), 6(wb), 9(wb), 10(wb),12(wb); 5(pe);33-1(le)- see below! ] [Fri: 33-13(wb), 17(wb), 20(wb), 21(wb), 23(wb); 14(pe), 25(pe), 46(pe).] Study Questions and Related Homework Problems
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How do magnetic forces differ from electric forces? Do 33-1(wb), 3(wb), 4(wb). 2. Magnetic forces originate in electrical currents as well as permanent magnets. How do they work? Do 33-6(wb). 3. How is a magnetic field represented by ‘field lines’? Do 33-9(wb). 4. How do vector cross products behave? Do 1(le). 5. What is the relationship between a moving charge and the magnetic field it creates? Do 33-10(wb), 11(wb), 5(pe). 6. How does one calculate the magnetic field due to multiple moving point charges? Do 33-12(wb). 7. What is the magnetic field from a straight wire? Do 33-13(wb), 14(pe). 8. How do magnetic fields from different sources combine? Do 33-17(wb), 20(wb). 9. How can you use the Biot-Savart Law to calculate a magnetic field from a wire with current? Do 33-46(pe). 10. What is Ampere’s Law for magnetic fields? Do 33-21(wb), 23(wb), 11. What is the magnetic field inside a solenoid? Do 33-25(pe). Additional problems: 33-1(le). Copy of 12-31(wb)...
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