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PHY 212 Spring 2012 Assignment Sheet #10 Page 1 Assignment Sheet 10 PHY 212 Spring 2012 Week XI: March 25-31 Announcements: Quiz 5 will be at the beginning of class on Thursday March 29 th . The quiz will cover all the material in Assignment Sheet 9. You will have 15 minutes to complete the quiz. It will be closed book and closed notes. You may use a calculator. There will be time in recitation on Friday to discuss the quiz. Lecture Topics and Text Readings: 1. Magnetic force on a moving charge (33.7) and on currents (33.8). 2. Forces and torques on current loops (33.9). 3. Magnetic properties of matter (33.10) 4. Introduction to electromagnetic induction (34.1). 5. Motional emf (34.2). Mastering Physics Assignment: MP Assignment 7 . Due at 9p on Saturday March 31 st . Recitation Assignments: [Wed: 33-27(wb), 29(wb), 35(wb), 37(wb), 38(wb), 39(wb), 40(wb); 33-34(pe).]
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Unformatted text preview: [Fri: 33-41(wb),34-1(wb),34-2 (wb);34-2(pe), 34-50(pe),34-52(pe). ] Study Questions and Related Homework Problems 1. How do electric charges move in magnetic fields ? Do 33-27(wb), 29(wb). 2. What are the magnetic forces on wires carrying electrical currents? Do 33-35(wb), 37(wb), 34(pe). 3. What are the magnetic torques and forces on electrical current loops? Do 33-38(wb), 39(wb), 40(wb). 4. How can one prepare an induced magnetic dipole in a ferromagnetic material? Do 33-41(wb). 5. An emf can be generated by moving a conductor in a magnetic field, thereby enabling mechanical energy to be converted to electrical energy. How does this motional emf arise? (Hint: How do the magnetic forces that act on the charge carriers in the moving conductor create a charge separation?) Do 34-1(wb), 2(wb); 34-2(pe), 50(pe), 52(pe)....
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