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Example 8-5 from Moran + Shapiro Note: To use the vector-function "properties(vector-argument)": A Rankine steam cycle with regeneration. 1 Select 7 contiguous cells in a row (do not include the I column with ef) 2 enter "=properties(cells1:7)" (ditto) 3 press Ctrl-Shift-return The vector argument should be a 7-cell block containing 2 non-zero property values other cells empty (or with values <= 0) The ef column (I) is calculated by formula, not by function Remember to anchor the dead state properties so the formula can be copied. Note: properties must always be in the same order and units Practice e.g. with the following: degree C kPa m^3/kg kJ/kg kJ/kg kJ/kg/K no units T p v u h s x 700 2500 Known bugs: the programing with u as one of the given properties (as occurs in closed system situations) is yet to be finished. (value of indx in the module) excel does not differentiate between an empty cell and 0: this can be a problem for vapor quality
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