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Lived Literacy Cover Letter

Lived Literacy Cover Letter - Lived Literacy Cover Letter...

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Lived Literacy Cover Letter Mike Moffat Due: 3/22/11 WRA 150 Dear Professor Amada, This lived literacy paper was an experience and it was a pretty interesting paper to write about since it was a personal topic and it could’ve been about anything. Once I heard the different topics that my classmates discussed with the class, it took me some time to actually decide what my topic was going to be. I decided to write about though how my parents treated my brother and I favored one another in certain situations and how they treated us the same in certain situations also. What made me decide this topic was that once I heard my classmates’ topics, I thought to myself “What can I show teach my reader about myself in a personal way?” Then the first thing that came to my head was my family and how I have grown up with my brother and the different experiences we have had in our life. Once this thought hit me, then it just came to me how he was treated better in some situations as was I in other situations. I knew this topic was going to be an experience to write about and it wasn’t going to be that hard to think of ideas. I will first start off with my RAIDS review of my paper. For revision, I had to ask myself what the writer (me) is trying to change in the audience. What I was trying to change in the audience is how you need to think about how parents can still love unconditionally even if they
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