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Food Groups and Calories Report Your plan is based on a default 2000 Calorie allowance. Food Groups Target Average Eaten Status Grains 6 ounce(s) 8½ ounce(s) Over Whole Grains ± ² RXQFH³V´ 3 ounce(s) OK Refined Grains µ ² RXQFH³V´ 5 ounce(s) Over Vegetables 2½ cup(s) 1¾ cup(s) Under Dark Green 1½ cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under 5½ cup(s)/week ½ cup(s) Under 1½ cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under Starchy 5 cup(s)/week 0 cup(s) Under Other 4 cup(s)/week 1 cup(s) Under Fruits 2 cup(s) ¼ cup(s) Under Fruit Juice No Specific Target 0 cup(s) No Specific Target Whole Fruit No Specific Target 0 cup(s) No Specific Target Dairy 3 cup(s) 1¾ cup(s) Under No Specific Target 1½ cup(s) No Specific Target Cheese No Specific Target ¼ cup(s) No Specific Target Protein Foods 5½ ounce(s) 3 ounce(s) Under Seafood
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Unformatted text preview: 8 ounce(s)/week 2½ ounce(s) Under Meat, Poultry & Eggs No Specific Target ½ ounce(s) No Specific Target Nuts, Seeds & Soy No Specific Target 0 ounce(s) No Specific Target Oils 6 teaspoon 1 teaspoon Under Limits Allowance Average Eaten Status Total Calories 2000 Calories 1779 Calories OK Empty Calories* µ ¶·¸ &DORULHV 550 Calories Over Solid Fats * 302 Calories * Added Sugars * 247 Calories * Alcohol * 1 Calories * *Calories from food components such as added sugars and solid fats that provide little nutritional value. Empty Calories are part of Total Calories. Note: If you ate Beans & Peas and chose "Count as Protein Foods instead," they will be included in the Nuts, Seeds & Soy subgroup....
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