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Unformatted text preview: HNF150 2012 Exam 2 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 1. A doctor may check the blood level of which vitamin prior to surgery? A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin D C. Vitamin E D. Vitamin K 2. True/False: An athlete consumes large amounts of meat in an effort to build extra muscle tissue. This practice does not work because the body has no place to store extra amino acids. A. True B. False 3. Which is FALSE about the Thrifty Food Plan? A. It is the basis for the poverty line B. It sets the income requirement for the SNAP program C. It meets 50% of the RDA for all major nutrients D. It sets the income requirement for the WIC program 4. An elderly woman has had difficulty with digesting her foods because of reduced stomach acid, has had progressively worse nerve pain in her legs, and is now having difficulty walking. She may have a deficiency of which vitamin? A. vitamin K B. folate C. vitamin C D. vitamin B12 5. All of the following are possible consequences of food insecurity and hunger for children in the U.S. EXCEPT: A. decreased learning capacity B. behavioral problems C. increased succeptibility to sickness D. feelings of shame E. increased energy 6. Deficiencies of vitamins A, D, E, and K can result when a person has a disease that produces malabsorption of which nutrient? A. carbohydrate B. protein C. fat D. niacin E. folate 7. Which food provides the highest amount of antioxidants per serving? A. Apples B. Yogurt C. Eggs D. Milk E. Chicken 8. About how many amino acids exist? A. 5 B. 20 ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ C. 7 D. 13 E. 9 9. Which process makes up the bulk of most people's need for calories? A. basal metabolism B. thermic effect of food C. physical activity D. sleeping E. voluntary activities 10. Leptin is a hormone produced by the adipose tissue that helps our bodies regulate energy balance. A. True B. False 11. Which of the following nutrients has the highest likelihood of causing toxicity? A. riboflavin B. Thiamin C. Vitamin C D. folate E. Vitamin A 12. The system our body uses for energy in the first 1-90 seconds and in activities such as hockey that need quick, forceful movements is . A. Ketosis B. Glycolysis C. Aerobic D. Anaerobic CORRECT ANSWER IS D. ALL ANSWERS GIVEN CREDIT B/C OF UNCLEAR WORDING. 13. You have a friend who has very little exposure to the sun and she consumes very few calcium-rich foods. In addition, she has a 2 year old child and 3 month old twins. Your friend is at very high risk for developing: A. pellagra B. beriberi C. osteomalacia D. rickets 14. What is the term that describes the psychological desire to eat? A. appetite B. satiety C. satiation D. hunger E. obesity 15. Which of the following foods contains Vitamin B12? A. kale B. popcorn C. potatoes D. oranges E. chicken breast 16. In which organ does chemical digestion of protein begin? A. Large intestine B. Pancreas C. Mouth D. Small intestine ____ 17. ____ 18. ____ 19. ____ 20. ____ 21. ____ 22. ____ 23. ____ 24. ____ 25. ____ 26. E. Stomach True/False: One reason why dehydration leads to poor athletic performance is because it increases your heart rate. A. True B. False Pellagra is a deficiency disease of which vitamin? A. niacin B. thiamin C. riboflavin D. vitamin D E. vitamin B12 True/False: Night blindness is a symptom of vitamin K deficiency. A. True B. False Fortificaiton of which vitamin has been shown to decrease the prevalence of certain types of birth defects? A. vitamin D B. vitamin E C. vitamin C D. thiamin E. folate True/False: Hunger is NOT a problem in the United States because we are the wealthiest nation in the world. A. True B. False According to the movie we watched about the Minnesota Semi-Starvation Study, which of the following was NOT a symptom that the volunteers experienced during the semi-starvation period? A. Feeling cold even though it was summer B. Obsession with cookbooks and infatuation with food C. Increased sexual interest D. Edema Which of the following would provide the highest amount of vitamin E? A. spinach B. oranges C. fried chicken D. wheat germ Having access to sufficient food for an active and healthy life by all people is known as . A. hunger B. food security C. food availability D. food insecurity Which fat-soluble vitamin is important for vision, immune system function, maintenance of body linings/skin, and bone growth? A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin C C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin E Recurring episodes of binge eating combined with a morbid fear of becoming fat, usually followed by vomiting or purging, is referred to as which of the following? A. Anorexia Nervosa B. Bulimia Nervosa ____ 27. ____ 28. ____ 29. ____ 30. ____ 31. ____ 32. C. Binge Eating Disorder D. Generalized Eating Disorder The thiamin deficiency disease is known as: A. osteomalacia B. pellagra C. scurvy D. beriberi What is the consequence if an essential amino acid is missing in the diet? A. Needed proteins will be made using another amino acid in place of the missing one. B. The body will substitute a nonessential amino acid in place of the missing amino acid. C. The body will substitute sugars in place of the missing amino acid. D. The body will stop making some needed proteins. Which activity is NOT included in the BMR category of energy expenditure? A. urine production B. growth C. digestion of food D. tissue repair E. body temperature maintenance A girl has stopped growing in height prematurely because her bones are not going through the remodeling process necessary for growth. This is most likely from a deficiency of which vitamin? A. vitamin C B. vitamin A C. riboflavin D. vitamin E E. thiamin Which level of food security does an individual have when one goes without food for over a day? A. hunger B. marginal food security C. food insecurity D. marginal food insecurity E. very high food security CORRECT ANSWER IS A. ALL ANSWERS GIVEN CREDIT B/C OF UNCLEAR WORDING. Which does NOT function as an antioxidant? A. niacin B. beta-carotene C. vitamin C D. vitamin E ____ 33. Which of the following foods would contain the LEAST amount of antioxidants vitamins? A. carrots B. walnuts C. spinach D. wheat germ E. roast beef ____ 34. A non-food source from which vitamin K can be obtained is: A. sunlight B. intestinal bacteria C. antibiotics D. tanning salons ____ 35. Rickets can occur in children who are deficient in what vitamin? A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin D C. Vitamin E D. Vitamin K E. Vitamin B6 ____ 36. The B vitamins act as part of: A. anticoagulants B. coenzymes C. intrinsic factors D. antibodies ____ 37. In the experiments with marathon runners and cyclists, both groups had better endurance when they were eating a diet. A. high protein B. high fat C. high carbohydrate D. low water ____ 38. Which of the following would provide the highest amount of vitamin E per serving? A. whole milk B. fruit salad with oranges and grapes C. a grilled pork chop D. a green lettuce salad with sunflower oil and vinegar E. white toast with strawberry jam ____ 39. True/False: Collard greens are rich in beta-carotene. A. True B. False ____ 40. All of the following are good food sources of vitamin C EXCEPT: A. low fat milk B. strawberries C. citrus fruits D. broccoli ____ 41. What type of eating behavior is "internally controlled" by hunger, appetite, and satiety? A. normal eating B. distorted eating C. restrained eating D. disordered eating ____ 42. Which of the following could be added to Sarah’s meal of black beans, orange juice, and apple sauce to make a complete protein? A. orange juice B. whole wheat couscous C. kale D. garbanzo beans E. a pear ____ 43. According to the video viewed in class (How To Get Fat Without Really Trying), the most subsidized food crop in America is , and most of this food is used in . A. Fruits & vegetables; juice B. Corn; high fructose corn syrup and animal feed C. Wheat; flour D. Vegetables; canned & frozen products ____ 44. What does the Set Point Theory hypothesize? A. There is a set amount of food one should eat and never exceed that amount. B. The body has a desired weight and works to defend that set weight. C. Dieting only works when you set certain goals for weight loss. D. The body wants a certain amount of food eat day, and the "set point" is when you are full. ____ 45. A person who is fasting will have a(n) Basal Metabolic Rate compared to normal. A. lower B. higher ____ 46. Which of the following is NOT one of the main functions of vitamin C? A. promotes the absorption of iron B. promotes blood clotting C. produces and maintains collagen D. protects against infections ____ 47. Which of the following statements about Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is TRUE? A. BMR is controlled by thyroxine. B. Taller people have a lower BMR. C. Lactating women have a lower BMR. D. Hot weather decreases BMR. ____ 48. Why might dieting cause someone to gain weight? A. Dieting causes the body to increase leptin production. B. Dieting causes the body to store less fat. C. Dieting reduces one’s ability to listen to internal hunger and can cause binge eating. D. Dieting causes basal metabolism to speed up. ____ 49. Characteristics of water-soluble vitamins include all of the following EXCEPT: A. are easily absorbed and excreted B. dissolve in water C. seldom reach toxic levels D. are stored extensively in tissues ____ 50. Vitamin E serves as: A. an antivitamin B. an antioxidant C. a coenzyme D. a free radical ...
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