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Lay Summary - Lay Summary Mike Moffat BS 172 This article...

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Lay Summary Mike Moffat BS 172 2/8/12 This article is all about how these scientists run a test with earthworms to find out whether litter decomposition would depend on the degree of earthworm invasion, litter mesh bag size, and initial letter chemistry. Now, the earthworm invasion can either come in many big sized earthworms, or very small sized earthworms. They did this study in the forests of Minnesota, one at a national forest in Northern Minnesota, and the other one in the central region of Minnesota. They chose these forests because they had very certain conditions that described what they were looking for in the earthworms perfectly. An example was the fact that the four sites they chose was a sugar-maple dominated forest on sandy soil or loam soil. They ran the study with four different species and they had two different predictions. They thought the heavily invaded earthworms would be greater for coarse-mesh than for fine-mesh bags, and they also thought mass loss in the coarse-mesh for T. Americana which had the larger invasion, would be larger
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