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Genetics Report - that a majority of them had long wings...

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Genetics Report Mike Moffat BS 172 Lab A. The mode of inheritance that was assigned to our team was that in the A cross, the males had red eyes and large wings, and for the females we had red eyes and large wings. For the B cross, the males had peach eyes and small wings and then the females had red eyes and small wings. The modes of inheritance that came with this were that in the A cross, the peach eyes were sex linked recessive and that all the females in both crosses were wild types. For all of the males, the dominant allele was peach eyes and the wild type was the wings. The evidence was that when we looked at them through the microscope, all 46 of the females in the A cross had red eyes; it just varied with the size of the wings, leaning more towards the longs wings though. For the males, in the A cross, it seemed
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Unformatted text preview: that a majority of them had long wings, but there were more peach eyed males than red, not by much though. There was 14 peach and 8 red. B. The peach eyes seemed to be sex linked in the A cross and that was the only one. In the B crosses, it was very widespread for each trait so that proves that none were really sex-linked, but in the A cross, the peach eyes were sex-linked in the A cross because they weren’t featured in the reverse traits. C. The chi square test value turned out to be 127.91 after adding up all the values. From the f2 generation, the p values ranged from 0.01-0.05 while the expected was somewhat in that range but we were expecting the range to be a little bit lower of values. But, that is genetics and sometimes results can be unpredictable....
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