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HNF150 Learning Objectives FOLDER: Protein and Plant-based Diets CHECKLIST Learning Objectives 1. Describe the general structure of proteins and the three components of amino acids Proteins: compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, and arranged as strands of amino acids. Some contain the element sulfur --CONTAIN NITROGEN ATOMS (giving them the name amino) Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins 1. Amine group= nitrogen-containing part 2.Acid group= 3. Distinctive side chain= unique chemical structure attached to the backbone of each amino acid that differentiates one amino acid from another 2. State how many essential amino acids exist and why adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids are required for protein synthesis a. There are 9 essential amino acids. Without these essential nutrients, the body cannot make the proteins it needs to do its work. Because the essential amino acids can only be replenished from foods, a person must frequently ear the foods that provide them. 3. Illustrate which factors differentiate proteins and the 7 roles of protein in the body 20 different amino acids= great variety of proteins in the world is possible because an essentially infinite number of sequences of amino acids can be formed 1. Provides structure and movement 2. Building enzymes, hormones, and other compounds 3. Building antibodies 4. Maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance 5. Blood clotting 6. Providing energy and glucose 7. Maintaining acid-base balance 4. State the different paths an amino acid can take once it is in a cell
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5_Protein_2011 - HNF150 Learning Objectives FOLDER: Protein...

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