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Chapter 13 objectives hnf - HNF 150 Learning Objectives...

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HNF 150 Learning Objectives FOLDER: Pregnancy and Lactation CHECKLIST Learning Objectives 1. Explain why a nutritionally adequate diet is important long before a pregnancy is established and identify important nutritional considerations. a. Before she become pregnant, a woman must establish eating habits that will optimally nourish both the growing fetus and herself. She must be well nourished at the outset because early in pregnancy the embryo undergoes rapid and significant developmental changes that depend on good nutrition 2. Identify the special nutritional needs of a pregnant teenager as compared to a pregnant adult. Be able to identify the requirements in terms of energy, protein, carbohydrates, fat, folate, calcium, iron, and zinc. a. Many teens enter pregnancy with deficiencies of vitamins b12, D, folate and iron that can impair fetal growth. It is recommended that a teen mother gain about 35 lbs in order to support the needs of both her and the fetus 3. What are “critical periods” during pregnancy and why is nutrition particularly important during those times? a. The specific and individual time that each organ and tissue grow with its own characteristic pattern and timing. The development of each takes place only at a certain time. Whatever nutrients and other environmental conditions are necessary during this period must be supplied on time if the organ is to reach its full potential 4. List the weight gain recommendations for underweight, normal weight,
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Chapter 13 objectives hnf - HNF 150 Learning Objectives...

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