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review for the final (study aid)

review for the final (study aid) - $ Ethnic/racial group...

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Review for Final Exam Below is a brief review of NEW material that will be on the final. Any material that is in the textbook or was covered in the lectures is fair game (even material not listed on this review sheet). The final will have somewhere between 60 and 75 multiple choice questions. Because grades will need to be calculated quickly, I will probably not have many essay or short answer items. About 30% of the questions will reflect new material. The remaining material will be cumulative material from earlier in the semester. Accordingly, you might want to consult your review sheets from the first few midterms. Achievement Important to Know $ Why is achievement a special issue for adolescents? $ Motivation $ Self-efficacy beliefs $ Learned Helplessness and achievement attributions $ The role of family and parenting $ The influence of friends $ Other dimensions of peer relationships (rejection, bullying, popularity) in relation to academic functioning $ The role of socioeconomic status
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Unformatted text preview: $ Ethnic/racial group differences $ Historical trends in educational attainment and academic achievement $ dropout $ The development of career interests (i.e., Super's model) Less Important to Know $ Mediator variables (focus box on page 418) $ Holland’s personality model (page 432) Psychological Problems Important to Know $ Externalizing vs. Internalizing disorders $ Comorbidity $ Antisocial behavior, violence, and aggression $ Adolescence-limited vs. Early Start offenders $ Gang violence (particularly Malcolm Klien’s perspectives) $ Depression and suicide $ Gender differences in depression and other internalizing disorders $ Substance abuse and use in adolescence, particularly alcohol and Tobacco $ Recent trends in binge drinking Less Important to Know $ Specific symptoms of depression (please do not memorize table 13.1) $ Focus box on page 470 $ Stress and coping in Adolescence (page 473)...
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review for the final (study aid) - $ Ethnic/racial group...

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