Energy Balance Objectives

Energy Balance Objectives - HNF 150 Learning Objectives...

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HNF 150 Learning Objectives FOLDER: Energy Balance CHECKLIST Learning Objectives 1. Be able to state the three components of body’s energy expenditure and how much each contributes to energy expenditure. a. 5-10% thermic effect of food b. 25-50% physical activity c. 50-65% BMR 2. Describe the roles of BMR and several other factors in determining an individual’s daily energy needs. a. Roles of BMR include helping to sustain life including circulation, respiration, temperature maintenance, hormone secretion, nerve activity, and new tissue synthesis but excluding digestion and voluntary activities. BMR is the largest component of the average persons daily energy expenditure b. Factors determining and individuals daily energy needs include i. Gender—women generally have less lean body mass than med; in addition, women’s menstrual hormones influence the BMR, raising it just prior to menstruation ii. Age—the BMR declines by an average of 5% per decade iii. Physical Activity—activities are grouped according to their intensity iv. Body size and weight—the height BMR taller and heavier people calls for height and weight to be factored in when estimating a persons EER v. Growth—the BMR is high in people who are growing, so pregnant women and children have their own sets of energy equations.
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Energy Balance Objectives - HNF 150 Learning Objectives...

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