Exam 3 Review Sheet - Bureaucracy What is red tape? o...

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Bureaucracy What is red tape? o Excessive or unnecessarily complex regulation imposed by the bureaucracy What are three ways in which bureaucrats implement policy? o Providing services-help ordinary Americans o Research and Development-work in areas like medicine to astronomy to agriculture o Managing and directing-supervising actions taken by people outside government. What is rulemaking? o One of the most important functions of the federal bureaucracy by creating and revising regulations, bureaucrats influence the behavior of everyone from individual Americans to large corporations What is a rule? o A regulation made by bureaucrats. What is a “Notice-and-comment” procedure? o A step in the rule making process in which proposed rules are published in the federal register and made available for debate by the general pubic What is the Federal Register? o An official, daily publication that includes rules, proposed rules, and several other types of government documents What is Adjudication? o he legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews evidence and argumentation including legal reasoning set forth by opposing parties or litigants to come to a decision which determines rights and obligations between the parties involved. What is the spoil system? o The practice of rewarding party supporters with benefits like federal government positions What was President Andrew Jackson known for? What happened to President Garfield? What did the Civil Service Act (Pendleton Act) in 1883 do? o States that government jobs should be awarded on the basis of merit What is the merit system? o Rank is determined by merit What did Elrod v. Burns (1976) rule? What did the Civil Service Act of 1978 do? o abolished the U.S. Civil Service Commission and distributes its functions primarily among three agencies: the newly established Office of Personnel Management , the Merit Systems Protection Board , and the Federal Labor Relations Authority . What does The Office of Personal Management (OPM) do? o Manages the civil service of the federal government What does the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) do? o an independent quasi-judicial agency established to protect federal merit systems against partisan political and other prohibited personnel practices and to ensure adequate protection for federal employees against abuses by agency management.
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What is the General Schedule (GS)?
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Exam 3 Review Sheet - Bureaucracy What is red tape? o...

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