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FIN test 2 Class Review - 18 ADR’s 19 IPO 20 Market index...

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Test 2 1. Identify expected Rate of Return a. Standard Deviation as to risk 2. Risk factors that Rise/ Lower Risk 3. Calculate total Return 4. Uses for holding period return & required Return 5. Calculate Future Value 6. Risk measures (the impact) on return 7. Types of risk that pertain to an investment 8. Calculate Rate of Return (time value of $) 9. Elements of holding period return 10. Calculate market or risk free rate from components of required return 11. Calculate capital gain 12. Benefits of stock ownership 13. Calculate share spilt effect 14. Calculate Market capitalization 15. Dividend yield & dividend structure decisions 16. Calculate Present Value 17. Interpret which TVM component explains an outcome (value)
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Unformatted text preview: 18. ADR’s 19. IPO 20. Market index classifications & attributes of firm’s comprising said index/classification 21. Characteristics of small/big cap stocks 22. Risks to/of corporate bonds 23. Bond Price/ Yield Relationship 24. Elements of U.S treasury Security 25. Calculate Taxable Equivalent yield (Municipal Bonds) 26. Types of Pass through securities 27. Process for dividend yield 28. Types of Bonds (Treasury, corporate etc.) 29. Characteristics of CMO’s/Passthroughs 30. Characteristics of Municipal Bonds 25 multiple choice #2 pencil May use a calculator...
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