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BusAdmin 499 lecture notes - BusAdmin 499 Wed JAM...

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Wed 2/8/2012 JAM PRESENTATION Previous Lecture: Ethics Coach on the final (see ethics game / simulation). Read “Baird” Extra Credit points: JAM meeting/participate and in lecture volunteer JAM works: Random topic, prepare in 30 sec, speak for 60 sec JAM what else they do: Debates, picture JAM, interview, workshops JAM points: incorporating drawings on board behind to encourage listening, Cinci. Vs Cleveland references, Contact: [email protected] Meeting time: Tue. 7:30 Schoenbaum 215 (on slide: 6:15-7:15 pm, central classroom) Poptarts example of how JAMs works Commandments: 1. Eye contact – first row, last row rule, keep your eye in between (?). Pick 3 people, keep in the triangle, look at each person and take turns, keep eye contact on them - Volunteer: exploration to an undiscovered part of earth, 30 sec to think, and 60 sec delivery. Dora the explorer or Christopher Columbus? 2. Fillers/Repetition – repeat yourself over and over again, kills the conversation. Fillers: um, like, etc, signs that you are thinking. Better to take a pause and collect yourself. - Volunteer: Godfather (me) 3. Speed/Volume – Don’t yell, don’t whisper. Careful with spacing, speak with control, it will help you stay calm. Don’t get lost in mid-thought. - Volunteer: George the monkey should be admitted to Fisher. Feedback: she didn’t look in the center of the room 4. Body Language – keep your hands in the strike box, keep it from distracting. - V: achieve balanced diet while eating only Halloween candy. 5. Content/Structure – logical flow from beginning to the end. Think of 3 main things you can say about the topic, will help organize thoughts. - V: Year is 1870, support reasoning for the buckeye to become the OSU mascot. If you don’t have a 3 rd point, use it to recap. Elaborating on the points is good. 6. Strong Start/Strong Finish – use an instant attention getter, audience will be all ears after that. - V: Walmart, how to compete 7. Relate to Experience – your interest in the story will make the audience want to listen to it more, reliability: more interest. - V: how would you go about finding Waldo? Explain. – Mentioned a previous JAM point (Halloween candy), shows you were listening 8. Know Your Audience – it is an attention grabber, relates to your/their experience, keeps things from being boring. - Explain Jersey Shore to your grandparents – 9. Listening – Ask a follow up question when you ask questions…shows you were listening to the first answer. - V: Debate, 2 V’s. Topic: Change shape of stop sign to a hand. – eye contact can get tricky with debate syles. . 10. K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid – easiest method. V: convince board to have beef hostess. 11.
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2012 for the course BUS ADM 499 taught by Professor Tansky during the Winter '11 term at Ohio State.

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BusAdmin 499 lecture notes - BusAdmin 499 Wed JAM...

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